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St James News

Our aim is to restore St James church to being a safe and valued centre for our community in Husborne Crawley.  Both as a place of Christian worship and as a venue for culture and entertainment.  Follow our progress here or better still get involved!

Upgrade to our Heating System

Upgrading our heating system will greatly increase the comfort of those using the church during the winter months.  It will also improve the utility of the church as the instant heating effect of infra-red radiant heaters means that we will not have to run the oil-fired boiler for 48 hours before every event.

As well as being more environmentally friendly it should be more econimical to run.

Public Notice

In-line with the current Church of England's policy that all churches should move towards low or zero carbon emmisions, we are proposing to replace the old oil fired heating system at St James' with infra-red radiant heaters that will use electricity generated from renewable sources.

We hereby give formal public notice of this change.  If you have any concerns or questions please contact the churchwardens.

If you wish to object, please contact the the Diocesan Registrar, see the notice attached.

Choral Nova at St James'

A recent performance of Handel's Zadok the Priest by Choral Nova in St James'.  Part of the choir's end of year party which included 12 songs from the choir and 3 solo performances by Lizzie Deane.
A great way to end the year and a great to see St James' packed to the rafters with 130 people.

Hopefully they will be back for our carol service in December!


video courtesy of Ellen Clegg

Clock Face Restoration

Our faithful church clock has been has counting the hours for the village since 1933 when it was installed by Smith's of Derby.  Unfortunately its face is now looking a bit tired and faded.  This year we plan to have it restored with a new lick of paint and fresh gold leaf on its hands and numerals.

Once restored to its original condition it should be good for another 90 years of service.

If you would like to know more about the project, please contact one of the church wardens.

Clock face-1.jpg
Clock new-1_edited.jpg

..and now our clock has been lovingly restored by our local Royal Academy artist Ed Durdey and very splendid it looks too.

Thank you to Ed and to all those who sponsoured the work or helped make it happen.

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